Hebrew University Exam Incited Against Likud, Miri Regev

Culture and Sports Miri Regev (Likud) accused the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) of incitement on Wednesday, after a question on an exam for a course in "Damages Law" painted the Likud party in a negative light. 

On the exam, for Dr. Uri Hershtein's class, an example question used the name "Shiri Regev" to describe a minister who blasts the education system within an hour and a half of being appointed to the position.

The question then describes a potential conflict between Regev and a blogger, who leaks secrets about Regev; the conflict ends with a car crash between the two which results in Regev's death and the blogger's injury.

The outrageous question also paints the Likud party as uninterested in educational issues and neglectful of the public. 

"It can't be that an Israeli academic institution is allowed to incite against me and tens of thousands of members of the center and Likud members, calling them 'feeble-minded,'" Regev said Wednesday, blasting the author's "contempt for the members of the Likud Central Committee and the democratically elected Likud."

"This grave document is a badge of shame to the Hebrew University," Regev continued. "It must apologize to the public and take severe disciplinary action against the author of all those who collaborated with him – whether actively or passively." 

"There is no connection between the required knowledge for the test and the morbid plot described within – this is incitement against me and the entire public, a cynical use of a captive audience for political purposes," she added. 

Ironically, now it is HUJI which may face legal retribution for the test. 

"I'm going to submit a formal complaint to the Minister of Education and the Council for Higher Education demand that the author be fired," she vowed, noting it constitutes a continuation of leftist incitement against Likud and the public as seen during the elections by such leftists as poet Yair Garbuz. "This is a worrying phenomenon, which we as a society must put to an end." 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/201231

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