Hebron shooter: They turned me into a scapegoat

A transcript of the interrogation of the IDF soldier who shot and killed a Palestinian terrorist on March 24 after he was already wounded and lying motionless on the ground was leaked and aired by Channel 2 late Monday night. It showed many statements by the soldier contradicting the prosecution’s narrative of the incident.

In the transcript, the soldier tells his interrogators that shortly before he killed the Palestinian, “at that moment, someone, maybe one of the civilians, yelled ‘careful, he has a bomb on him,’ meaning an explosive vest. And I saw him with a big black coat, I think it was closed. I started to think about images of Hamas cells that said to us that it was intended to do a substantial attack, maybe a suicide [bombing].”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Hebron-shooter-They-turned-me-into-a-scapegoat-450922

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