Herzog Haredi Wedding Visit Purely Polite, Say Likud, UTJ

The presence of Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog at the wedding of the granddaughter of United Torah Judaism's MK Yaakov Litzman in Bnei Brak Tuesday triggered rumors that a political deal between the parties is in the offing. The two spoke to each other discreetly in the course of the evening as well – adding grist to the rumor mill.

However, both Likud and UTJ say the visit was more polite than political, and at most, shows that Herzog is doing his best to court the haredi parties.

"A visit to a wedding does not signify a political deal of one kind or another," said Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon Wednesday. "There are good relations between MKs and that is better than arguments. It is pretty clear who can put together a coalition."

He spoke on haredi Radio Kol Beramah.

Yaalon also spoke about the so-called Enlistment Law and the criminal sanctions that are planned against haredi draft evaders – a law passed by the outgoing government, which did not include haredi parties but did include anti-haredi Yesh Atid.

"I did everything I could to ameliorate my relations with the haredi public,” he explained. "I reached a confrontation in a ministerial session against the process that was led by Yesh Atid, with the Enlistment Law."

"The criminal sanctions are not on the table right now, they are at the end of their road," he added, referring to the fact that the clause in the law which mandates criminal sanctions for haredi draft-dodgers will only go into effect in 2017 – and even then, only if targets for haredi enlistment are not met by then.

Sources in UTJ also said that the wedding visit has no political significance. According to sources close to MK Litzman, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called to say mazal tov in the course of the wedding, and Litzman wished Netanyahu success in his trip to Congress.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/191815

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