Herzog: Israelis Deserve Better than Netanyahu’s Circus

With Gilad Erdan now entering the government as Internal Security Minister, Opposition leader and Zionist Union chairman Yitzhak Herzog saw fit to issue a new critique of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. 

At the top of Herzog's criticism was the fact that Erdan's return had forced Benny Begin to resign from his governmental post. 

"And this week – a game of musical chairs," Herzog fired. "Bibi cooked porridge and brought it to the Knesset for approval." 

"For [Strategic Affairs Minister Ze'ev] Elkin [he took] powers and a budget from [Construction Minister Yoav] Galant, to Erdan from Elkin, to [Finance Minister Moshe] Kahlon from Elkin, to [Interior Minister] Silvan Shalom from [Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi] Hotovely, to the Space Minister from the Stars Minister, to the Communications Minister from a special Texting Minister….and Begin was left with nothing."

"This coalition hasn't even begun to act," Herzog continued, "and it's already clear that in order to last it needs wriggling and survival exercises."

Then, appealing to Kulanu chairman Moshe Kahlon, Herzog charged: "Moshe, for a toolbox you don't need to help in destroying the entire workshop. Your responsibilities to the people and the state require you to be the minister that stops Netanyahu's campaign of destruction."

The Opposition leader then directly attacked Netanyahu, asserting he had "created a broken-down nationalist government. A government of fragmentation and chaos." 

"We must stop this assault," Herzog continued. "Members of the Opposition, as well as members of the coalition, I call to you again – take responsibility. Listen to your own sense of personal mission as well as the public you represent."

"Do not lend a hand to moves that will hurt governance, that will steal more money from the Galilee and Negev, from the education and health systems, and will lead politics and its leaders to be even more maligned and hated than they are today." 

"Israelis deserve better than the circus Netanyahu is conducting at their expense," Herzog concluded. 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/195796

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