Herzog Uses Unity Platform to Attack Bennett

In honor of "Unity Day," Labor Party head MK Yitzchak Herzog and Jewish Home Chairman, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, jointly taught a civics lesson to Israeli student on Monday.

But despite the theme being national unity, Herzog took the opportunity to attack Bennett.

The lesson was a special civics class for tenth graders at Modiin's Yahad School, where religious and secular children study side by side. It was held to mark the anniversary of the abduction and murder of the three Jewish teens last year.

“I am not religious but I live in complete faith,” Herzog said. “The disagreements exist between different lifestyles, and there is a mosaic of beliefs and different opinions and you can't run away from that.”

"Arguments and have always existed. The question is, how do you prevent it from going to 'sinat hinam' – a phrase that refers to internal discord among Jews.

“In the election, lines were crossed,” he said. "Bennett's party claimed that I, Tzipi Livni and Professor [Yossi] Yonah are anti-Zionist and I believe a red line was crossed. Besides that, these things constitute libel. These are things one cannot forget.”

Herzog was referring to election messages, ads and videos by Likud and Jewish Home that targeted the radical leftists in the Labor party. One video in particular hurt Labor: it showed extremist statements that could have come out of the mouths of Hamas supporters, and then explained to the viewers that the person who had uttered them was none other than Yossi Yonah. Labor tried to get the video taken off the air by the Elections Committee, but failed.

Herzog noted, at the Unity Day event, that Yonah had been a soldier in the Yom Kippur War, and that his tank had been hit five times by enemy missiles.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/196115

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