High Court to State: From where do detained migrants have money for ice cream?

In a dramatic hearing before a full nine justice panel of the High Court of Justice which will determine the future of the country’s African migrant policy, Justice Hanan Melcer blasted the state saying, “from where do detained migrants have money for ice cream?”

The hearing takes place a short time after the state passed a third migrant policy which also emphasizes the detention of thousands of migrants, though for a shorter period than the two prior policies declared unconstitutional by the court.

Melcer’s comment showed unusually open frustration of several of the justices with the state attorney’s refusal to address many of its questions about whether the new policy includes a serious check of the migrants’ potential refugee status.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/High-Court-to-State-From-where-do-detained-migrants-have-money-for-ice-cream-389830

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