High-ranking Ethiopian police officer defends cops

In a stark departure from the onslaught of stinging criticism recently leveled against the Israeli Police as racist, a senior Ethiopian officer said on Wednesday that, although improvements must be made to mend badly frayed relations, he stands with the beleaguered force.

In a lengthy Facebook posting, Itbak Avraham, deputy commander of the Sadot police station in central Israel, said that while not perfect, the nation’s police force is highly trained and must be supported.

“As someone who is part of the organization for many years – as someone who served in various units and functions – it is important to stress that the Israeli Police has prepared me, as it trains all police, to give the best possible service to all citizens,” he wrote. “It has excellent policemen, who are all are equal before the law.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/High-ranking-Ethiopian-police-officer-defends-cops-402337

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