Holocaust Survivors face crippling Polish bureaucracy

The aggressive run-around that Holocaust Survivors in Israel face while attempting to get the state aid they are entitled to is an unfortunate, yet well known blemish on Israeli society. But those that think Israeli bureaucracy is unparalleled would be wrong in that assumption. Polish bureaucracy has proven itself a far more exhausting venture, especially to Holocaust Survivors.

In 1991, Polish Parliament passed a law granting stipends to Polish Holocaust Survivors living in Poland exclusively.
This past April, an amendment to the law saw the government extending the stipend to Polish citizens living outside the country as well.

However, as survivors are quickly finding out, the road to receiving their stipend is full of roadblocks by the government in the form of ridiculous demands unsubstantiated by Polish law.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Holocaust-Survivors-face-crippling-Polish-bureaucracy-412537

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