Home sweet home

Despite her youth, 23-year-old Michal Beck seems to have accrued quite a bit of musical mileage since she first took up the cello, but she is also looking forward to returning to her old stomping ground next week when she reunites with the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (YIPO). Beck will fill the soloist role in a rendition of 20th-century Jewish Swiss-born American composer Ernst Bloch’s Schelomo, Rhapsodie Hébraïque for cello and orchestra at the YIPO’s concerts at the Jerusalem Theater on July 30 (8 p.m.) and at Heichal Hatarbut in Tel Aviv, the following day at noon.

It is a sweet homecoming for the Jerusalem-born cellist. “I was part of the programs of the Jerusalem Music Center from the age of 14 and was also on the Goldman Program for Outstanding Young Musicians,” says Beck. “I played in chamber ensembles and worked with teachers and also did a chamber music summer course.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Home-sweet-home-409833

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