Hotovely: No Need for Joint List Between Likud, Jewish Home

Deputy Transport Minister Tzipi Hotovely spoke to Arutz Sheva Monday night, addressing the issue of her confirmation as the #20 candidate on the Likud list as well as rumblings of a joint list with Jewish Home. 

The confirmation came after a weeks-long saga which saw both Hotovely and Likud opponent Avi Dichter campaigning for the 20th spot. 

Dichter appealed the Likud Election Commission's decision to grant Hotovely the position, and the Likud court agreed to a recount scheduled for Monday. Hotovely, in turn, appealed the Likud court's decision with the Tel Aviv District Court, who accepted her petition. 

"Legally this is a very correct decision, the Likud court has no authority in these areas," Hotovely stated, referring to the announcement earlier Monday that the Tel Aviv District Court had halted the recount. 

Observers at the polls helped ensure her spot in any event, she said, saying, "in any case I was slated for the #20 spot." 

"Since there is an election campaign going, and you cannot manage the legal sagas instead of dealing with the issues, I'm glad the District Court ended it so we can now deal with the important question – who will form the next government," Hotovely added. 

The Deputy Minister also addressed the possibility of a union between the Jewish Home and Likud.

"The option is always on the table, and the decision will be made depending on how it will maximize votes," she opined. "Experience shows that [a joint list or technical bloc – ed.] takes away mandates, but it can also produce a kind of magnet for [more] seats. When there is a great party it states facts on the ground." 

"The polls generally show that there is stability in both Jewish Home and Likud – and it's preferable not to combine the two," she added. "There are still too many who want to vote for a niche party, and then there's the fact that [Yisrael Beytenu] is falling in the polls – we have a real opportunity to see more votes for Likud." 


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