How clever are Israel’s politicians?

MKs scored slightly above the national average on the psychometric exam Tuesday, which they took as part of Student Day in the Knesset.

National Union of Israeli Students administered a short version of the college-entry exam to MKs in one of several events, organized in cooperation with Kulanu MK Merav Ben-Ari, chairwoman of the Knesset Caucus for Higher Education.

The 11 lawmakers who took the test, Likud’s Yoav Kisch and Oren Hazan; Zionist Union’s Itzik Shmuly and Yossi Yona; Yesh Atid’s Karin Alharrar and Yael German; Kulanu’s Ben-Ari, Rachel Azaria and Roi Folkman and Meretz’s Issawi Frej, scored an average of 584, while the national average for 2013 was 533. They scored best on the English section and worst in Math.


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