How giving up just one hour of your time can make you rich

In today’'s show, Doug answers a commonly asked question: Should people entering a second marriage combine their assets? Doug explains the pros and cons of setting up joint accounts with a new spouse, and lists five important factors to consider when making this decision.

If basic money management skills are so obvious, why are so many people unaware of them? Cary Siegel, author of Why Didn'’t They Teach Me This in School?-99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By, teaches the vital personal finance lessons that we never learn in school. 

Find out the top 3 things that everyone should do to be financially responsible: Live below your means, Keep a written budget,• save half the raise you get.

Discover how devoting just one hour per week to personal finance can make you rich. Listen to Cary'’s story about how he taught “adult entertainers” how to manage their own money. How many financial advisors get to speak to 100 adult entertainers at once… and tell the story on the radio?

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