How to be a landlord without needing to clean the drains

Does investing in rental property lower the risks posed by market volatility?

Doug discusses the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the rental property market in the United States. Renting out a property involves challenges, such as finding responsible tenants, handling repairs, adhering to building and safety codes, and much more. Find out how to invest in property without all the hassles of being a landlord by purchasing a REIT (real estate investment trust). 

Are you worried about market volatility? Bestselling author and president of Empyrion Wealth Management, Kimberly Foss, explains why market volatility shouldn'’t scare investors away. She offers a special bonus to our listeners: a free copy of her book "Wealthy By Design: A 5-Step Plan for Financial Security". Listen to the end of the show to find out how to get it.

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