How to connect with ‘the real you’

Rabbi David Green, musician, author and developer of the “real you project”, has been teaching people for many years about making life choices. Feeling it was time to write a book, he took his album entitled “Journey to the Real You” and integrated it into his new book, “A Book about You”.

“I felt that in the book I would quote the songs, some of the lyrics, and refer to the music so it would take the music and reinforce the message of the book,” Rabbi Green told Arutz Sheva.

“A person can learn not only what their strengths are and how to channel that into a career, into who they should marry and into various life choices, they can also learn how to address the weaknesses that are likely to come with that to become a more well-rounded person and achieve a lot more,” he added.

The book quotes Jewish sources, from the Talmud to Hassidic sources, “that teach us what the root personalities of our forefathers are, and how those were essential,” explained Rabbi Green. “The source material is spread out all over the Torah. It wasn’t difficult to assemble it and then try to organize it in a way that people from various backgrounds could understand.


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