How to Make Anti-Semitism An International Crime

The recent alarming increase in anti-Semitic acts of violence,  particularly in Europe, have acted as a wake-up call for Jews around the world.                                         

This was discussed at this week's 5th Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism organized by Israel's Foreign Ministry and held in Jerusalem. 

For two and a half days there were speeches by well known personalities, debates and workshops, as well as an impressive booklet of statistics and illustrations of anti-Semitism in action.  After some wine and snacks, everybody went home satisfied to have aired their view, made their contribution to the event and looking forward to next time.

But there was also a shorter and very much more effective conference staged by The Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs, where Israel's former Ambassador to Canada and international Lawyer Alan Baker presented his impressive, professionally produced and well researched  'Draft International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Anti-Semitism.

This program brings you a report of this Convention, a pro-active initiative, that is formulated in a way that may deliver the required results.


Also:  A guide for a visit to Jewish Prague, that may tempt you to book a short vacation to that great city. 

Plus :  Walter's thoughts on the continuing saga of forming a government to satisfy its members' ego, rather than the requirements of the nation.

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