Human remains found in Polish concentration camp

A group of maintenance workers trying to fix a gas pipe at the Plaszow concentration camp uncovered human bones that are believed to have belonged to a Jewish inmate.

Tadeusz Jakubowicz, the president of the Jewish community in nearby Krakow, told Polish media that he received an anonymous phone call about workers uncovering buried human bones at the site. Jakubowicz hurried to inform the police, who then opened an investigation.

A spokesperson for the Krakow police, Mariusz Ciarka, says that the bones have been sent for examination at the forensic medicine institute in order to try and identify who they belonged to. He added that police are investigating whether the Polish workers violated the law against disturbing human remains.

“The whole area of the Plaszow concentration camp used to be a Jewish cemetery. This area is also listed on the national historic sites list,” Jakubowicz told the Polish newspaper Dziennik Polski. Today there only remains a large stone memorial to the Nazi camp.


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