Hundreds of Protesters Block Christian Mass at David’s Tomb

Hundreds of Jews have amassed outside David's Tomb in Jerusalem – among them prominent Breslov Hassidic leader Rabbi Shalom Arush – in an effort to block a controversial Christian Mass from being held there Sunday morning.

Their efforts have already been partially successful; due to peaceful but large protest the Mass has been moved from the tomb itself to the upper chamber opposite the tomb, which many Christians believe to have been the site of Jesus's "last supper."

However, Christian groups are still reportedly planning on holding Mass tomorrow (Monday) as previously planned in the lower chamber of David's Tomb. It is not yet known if protests by Jewish groups are planned for tomorrow morning as well.

The Sunday Mass was intended to be held in honor of the Christian festival of Pentecost.

But the chosen site – David's Tomb – is extremely controversial, given its holy status as a place of prayer for Jews. According to Jewish law, foreign prayer services which include effigies or idols can render a place unsuitable for prayers.

Jewish activists have repeatedly issued calls to action, amid warnings that a secret deal has been reached between authorities and the Catholic Church to gradually hand over the David's Tomb complex – which also includes a yeshiva – to the Vatican and other Christian groups.


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