Hunger-Striking Jewish Terrorist’s Health ‘Deteriorating’

Jailed murderer Ya'akov (Jack) Teitel's health condition has rapidly worsened as he conducts a hunger strike – a ploy often used successfully by jailed Arab terrorists – and has led to a call Tuesday for a private doctor to be allowed in to see him.

Teitel was sentenced to two life terms and 30 years in prison for two murders and a string of bombings. He has been dubbed the "Jewish terrorist" due to the fact that his crimes were politically-motivated and targeted Arabs, Christians and members of the far left, although questions have been raised as to his mental health.

Teitel has been hunger striking for the last two weeks at Ayalon Prison where he is incarcerated, protesting the solitary confinement he has recently been subjected to that has prevented him from seeing his family and children.

His attorney Rehavia Piletz of the Honenu legal aid group has requested from the Israel Prison Services that a private doctor be allowed in to check Teitel's health condition, given that Teitel does not trust the medical services of the prisons due to their attempts to thwart his strike.

Piletz recently visited Teitel in his cell and reports that he has drastically lost weight, but nevertheless is holding firm in his hunger strike saying that if it was merely a matter that affected him he would not do so, but since it affects his children's ability to see him he is willing to take such drastic action.

A statement by Honenu added that the fan in Teitel's cell was removed last week and the ventilation system was turned off in his cell despite the heavy summer heat in an attempt to break the hunger strike. It added that only after Piletz's request and a publication on the matter in the media was the fan returned.

Teitel in 2013 appealed his life sentence, with his attorneys arguing that the judges had ignored findings regarding his mental health that could have proven diminished responsibility. However, judges had determined that his mental state did not diminish his responsibility for the crimes for which he was convicted.

In contrast to Teitel's treatment, it has been revealed that Arab terrorists jailed in Israel enjoy numerous perks that are not afforded to jailed criminals, out of fear that the terrorists will hunger strike and riot.


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