Hunger-Striking Terrorist Loses Consciousness

Hunger striking terrorist Mohammed Allaan has lost consciousness and he is being artificially respirated at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.

Allaan's strike is on its 59th day.

The hospital said that his situation is stable. The artificial respiration is the first medical procedure to be carried out on Allaan since he was admitted to the hospital.

A Jewish protest was held in Ashkelon on Wednesday and again on Thursday evening to counter Arab demonstrators bused in to protest the possible forced feeding of Allaan.

Allaan was moved to Barzilai Hospital on Monday morning, after doctors at Soroka Medical Center in Be'e'r Sheva refused to comply with a newly passed law and force feed him. Barzilai doctors reportedly haven't complied with the law yet either.

The Jewish protesters came to counter the Arab demonstration in support of the jailed terrorist, and demanded that Israel not force feed Arab terrorists – but rather expel them.

Activists Baruch Marzel, Bentzi Gopshtain and attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir arrived on Thursday with 50 or so Ashkelon activists.


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