‘I fought to get here,’ soon-to-be IAF female drone operator tells Post

Dozens of Israel Air Force (IAF) cadets will officially complete their training on Wednesday and receive their wings, becoming the newest generation to defend Israel from the air against a myriad of threats.

One of them will be Capt. Gal (full name withheld), who on Wednesday will be one of two female drone operators out of 30 to complete the first phase of their training program.

Capt. Gal will operate the Elbit-made Hermes 450 drone, which today plays a vital role in gathering intelligence on enemies like Hamas and Hezbollah, and assisting IDF Ground Forces when needed.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/I-fought-to-get-here-soon-to-be-IAF-female-drone-operator-tells-Post-457973

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