‘I had to choose: the terrorist, or my soldier’

Border Police Second Sgt. A. had seconds to neutralize a pair of terrorists Friday, after they attempted to stab her and a colleague as they guarded Samaria's Tapuach junction. 

"I and another officer were in the middle of a routine shift at Tapuach junction," A. recounted to Army Radio Sunday morning. "We were in the middle of inspecting a vehicle when, suddenly, I saw a motorbike approach us. I saw the driver reach into his pocket and I knew in that moment he was preparing a terror attack." 

"I screamed to my soldier and then ran to the right, so I could cock my weapon and respond," she continued. "They were a meter from us. When I turned around there were two of them with knives; one ran at me and I shot him." 

"The second attempted to stab my soldier, but he [the would-be victim – ed.] got away, and I shot him at that moment," she added. 

A. "did not have any doubts, for one moment," about shooting the two attackers, noting that she was convinced the terrorist would kill the soldier working under her. "At that moment, it was choosing between the terrorist and my soldier." 

She noted afterwards that the two were in shock following the attack. The entire incident unfolded in three seconds, she said, and the reality of events took time to sink in. 

A. immigrated from France three years ago, leaving her entire family behind. She noted that she made Aliyah to serve as a soldier. 

"When I sat at home, with my family, and saw all that was going on in Israel in the news, I understood that I have to make Aliyah to Israel and serve in combat."

Despite her experience, A. has not been discouraged.

"I will continue fighting," she said, adding that she intends to become an officer. "I want to start a family in Israel after I am released […] and bring my family here." 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/202756

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