IDF arrests member of Palestinian parliament

IDF forces arrested Mohammed Abu Tir, a Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament, in eastern Jerusalem's Kfar Akev neighborhood on Thursday morning. 

Abu Tir was released from administrative detention just a few months ago – the latest in a long history of incarceration dating back to 1998. His arrest follows the detention of two other Hamas members of the Palestinian parliament last week in Hevron.

Abu Tir was previously sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in Hamas instigated terror activities and his membership in an organization that deal with illegal weapons smuggling.

During the election campaign for the Palestinian parliament in 2005, he was released from prison after only serving 7 years of his sentence. 

In June of 2006 he was arrested by Israeli security forces together with tens of other Palestinian parliamentary members during Operation Summer Rains. He was released four years later in May of 2010

Following his release, police ordered him to leave Jerusalem in spite of his permanent resident status having been revoked by the interior minister in 2006. Upon his refusal to comply with the police order he was once again arrested.

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court sentenced him to an additional five months in prison for illegal entry into Israel. He was however immediately released, since his previous sentence had been more than five months. 

He was yet again arrested and put under administrative detention in July 2013 while he was at his home in Kfar Akev. He was released at the end of July last year, and has now been arrested once again. 


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