IDF closes incitement broadcast station in Ramallah

In a joint operation between IDF forces, the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) and the police, transmitters and technical equipment were seized on Thursday night from the "Palestine Alyoum" broadcasting station in Ramallah, Samaria.

The station was affiliated with the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, and therefore constituted an illegal association according to the law.

A closure order was issued against the station due to its TV and radio broadcasts inciting to terrorism, with a special emphasis of the station's incitement being seen in social media networks over the internet.

The broadcasting station was a central tool for Islamic Jihad in inciting the Arab population of Judea and Samaria to commit attacks against the state of Israel and its citizens.

As part of the efforts to thwart the incitement of the Palestinian station, its director Farouk Omar Kassam Aliyat, 34, was arrested for investigation. Aliyat, a resident of Birzeit to the north of Ramallah, is an Islamic Jihad activist who previously was jailed in Israel due to his activities for the terror group.

IDF Central Commander Maj. Gen. Roni Numa signed a declaration according to which the broadcasting station is an illegal association. The ISA issued a statement saying the closure of the channel is an example of the wide efforts being made to stop the incitement to terror.

Taking action against incitement is one of several security measures that were raised in the wake of the series of attacks this Tuesday, which included the murder of US tourist Taylor Force.

In a Security Cabinet meeting on Thursday night it was decided to patch breaches in the Jerusalem security barrier and to build an additional security fence near Hevron – but no additional significant decisions to crush the current wave of terror were made by the Cabinet.


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