IDF commander jailed for inviting rapper to army party

An IDF Company Commander was sentenced to a week in a military prison for inviting controversial Israeli rapper Yoav Eliasi to perform for his soldiers, it has been revealed.

Eliasi – more widely known by his stage name "The Shadow" (Ha-Tzel) – has in recent years become something of a social media pundit, with his nationalistic Facebook posts gaining large audiences and drawing ardent reactions from all sides of the political spectrum.

The story in question, which was first reported to Arutz Sheva two weeks ago, occurred when Eliasi had planned to surprise an IDF tank unit which had just finish a tense deployment along the Gaza border by performing for them and congratulating them for their service.

The exhausted soldiers of the 77th battalion of the 7th brigade knew that something was planned for them that evening, but were surprised to find it would include an appearance by the rapper.

"Someone told me that some of the guys who just came down from Gaza were dreaming about going to the pool – they got to the pool and didn't understand what I was doing there," Elias told Arutz Sheva. "I had organized one hundred kilos of meat for them, and it was great."

Evidently, however, the brigade's senior commanders were less than impressed.

The IDF confirmed that the commander who arranged the event was convicted at a military court of "inappropriate behavior," for coordinating with Eliasa to hold an event for his soldiers outside of the military framework.


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