IDF nabs brothers of Kiryat Arba terrorist

During the night IDF forces arrested two brothers of 17-year-old Mohammed Nasser Tarayra, the terrorist who murdered Hallel-Yaffa Ariel in Kiryat Arba.

Tarayra's sister was arrested yesterday after praising the attack and cursing the Jews. Continuing IDF operations concentrated on Hevron district and the village of Bani Na'im where the terrorist came from.

During the night, hundreds of Arabs rioted accross Judea and Samaria. Clashes also broke out in Kalandia refugee camp as IDF forces destroyed the houses of the terrorists who carried out the attack near Jaffa Gate last December. During the demolition riots broke out, rocks and cinder blocks were thrown and shots were fired at troops.

IDF Border Guard forces responded with riot control measures and live ammunition injuring six Palestinians. They were taken to the government hospital in Ramallah in light to moderate condition. The army also seized assault rifles, two pipe bombs and some bottles of flammable paint.


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