IDF Officer Sues Haredi Harassers for Millions

Yehuda Glickman, a haredi Israeli serving in the IDF, was fed up with the constant harassment from haredi extremists as well as the lack of support from authorities, and decided to take action on his own. 

According to a Channel 2 report, Glickman hired a private investigator to track down the identities of his harassers and incriminate them. 

Glickman is now suing his tormentors for NIS 2.4 million ($616,000) in order to compensate his pain and suffering, and to provide an example to others.

The Channel Two report described the endless barrage of attacks on Glickman, an IDF officer who works in recruitment, with his specialty persuading haredi Israelis like himself to join the army.

Community members who oppose IDF service found out who he was and what his job was, and subjected him to endless insults, as well as threats to his and his wife's lives.

Glickman complained to police, who opened an investigation, but did not make much progress in the case.

Tired of the harassment, Glickman hired a PI – who, for a fee of NIS 10,000 found the perpetrators  four young haredi men who took upon themselves the task of “saving” Glickman's soul by attempting to threaten him away from the “evil work” of supporting the IDF.

Besides refiling his police complaint, Glickman is also filing a civil lawsuit against the four, for recovery of the private investigation fee, as well as for pain and suffering.

“Our aim is to end this phenomenon of incitement and shaming,” said Glickman. “This is an unprecedented way of dealing with this.”


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