IDF official: Terrorists already checked for weapons, MDA wrong

Conflicting claims emerged on Monday regarding the facts on the ground in last week’s killing of a wounded Arab terrorist just minutes after a terror attack which left one Israeli soldier wounded.

On the heels of a newly released MDA report indicating that the wounded terrorist killed in last Thursday’s incident had not been checked for weapons and still appeared to pose a threat, an IDF official has rejected those claims, insisting that the terrorist in question had in fact been verified as being unarmed.

The Magen David Adom (MDA) investigation into the incident revealed that the two terrorists who had been neutralized following the terror attack had not been checked for weapons, bolstering claims by the accused soldier that he fired out of fear the terrorist was attempting to activate a suicide bomb vest hidden underneath his heavy coat.

The MDA report contradicted claims by the IDF on Saturday night that an army officer had in fact inspected the terrorists to ensure that no weapons, including explosives, were concealed on their persons.

A video taken from the scene of the attack and released after the initial B’Tselem video shows MDA emergency first responders carrying the wounded soldier on a stretcher near the terrorist in question. Several people can be heard in the recording expressing fear that the terrorist was still armed. At least one noted that the terrorist could be wearing an explosive device, and that the bomb squad was required to secure him.

At least one witness, a volunteer paramedic, claimed that soldiers and medics on location were worried about the possibility of a suicide bomb concealed in the terrorist’s heavy coat.

An IDF official responded to the MDA report, however, dismissing its claims during an interview with NRG.

The source insisted that the terrorists were in fact checked for weapons prior to the fatal shooting, and that there was no basis for the soldier’s claims that he acted in self-preservation.

“We’re standing by the fact that an officer checked the terrorists, flipped them over, and verified that they were not carrying bombs,” the source said.

The official claimed that MDA guidelines require first responders to avoid terrorists until a police bomb squad has performed its own check, hence the fears among MDA paramedics at the scene of the attack and warnings to stay away until a bomb squad arrived.

“Soldiers have very clear orders and get regular practice which includes clearing the area if there is concern the terrorist could activate a bomb belt and hurt people, but that was not [the case] here.”

“There were other options available before opening fire, even if there was concern that the terrorist was carrying a bomb. There were officers there and commanders to notify and speak with, and [anyway] there was someone there who already checked the terrorist to see that he was unarmed.”


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