IDF prepares homes of two terrorists for demolition

As part of ongoing counterterrorism operations, IDF forces have prepared for demolition the homes of two Arab terrorists who carried out attacks in recent days.

In the Palestinian village of Bir Nabala, northeast of Jerusalem, IDF engineers backed by infantry troops prepped the home of the terrorist who moderately wounded two soldiers Friday in a car-ramming attack near Kfar Adumim, east of Jerusalem.

Further south in Judea, soldiers and engineers similarly prepped a house in Beit Omar belonging to the terrorist who wounded six soldiers – including two officers – in Friday's second car-ramming attack at the entrance to the village.

Forces in both locations faced violent riots by Arab locals, who hurled rocks, firebombs and improvised explosives. Troops responded with non-lethal riot control means, and successfully carried out their missions without incurring any casualties.

Israel recently reenacted a previously nixed policy of demolishing the homes of terrorists who carry out attacks which kill or injure Israelis, as part of a raft of punitive and deterrent measures in the face of an ongoing wave of terrorist attacks.

Unlike on previous periods, when demolitions could take months to enact, the government has pushed hard to ensure swift action, to reinforce the deterrent value of the demolitions.


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