IDF Reservist Charged with Espionage, Arms Trafficking

An indictment was filed with the Central District Court in Lod on Thursday morning against resident Salman J'aribia, 29, on charges of espionage, conspiracy, theft and disclosing secret information. 

Indictments were also filed against Iyad Kishek, 26, a resident of Jaljulia and Wadim Hodtov, 24, a resident of Hadera. Kishek is charged with weapons possession and arms trafficking, while Hodtov is accused of purchasing illegal weapons and possession of ammunition. 

According to the indictment, J'aribia conspired with IDF reserve soldier Benny Rabaev to provide the soldier with 50,000 shekels ($13,000) in return for secret information. 

Rabaev supplied J'aribia with information about IDF activity on the border with Egypt, which J'arabia in turn passed for a price onto others, who, as yet, remain unknown. 

As to the weapons charges against Hodtov and Kishek, evidence indicates Hodtov wanted to buy two pistols that Rabaev was supposed to acquire. Hodtov paid Rabaev, but the transaction was never completed, and Rabaev returned the money to Hodtov. 

Shortly afterward, Hodtov again made contact with Rabaev and asked two purchase two different pistols. Hodtov, once again, paid Rabaev before receiving the weapons. 

After acquiring the two pistols from his contact, Kishek, Rabaev began driving toward Hodtov to bring him the guns but was stopped by police on the way.

Because Rabaev's crimes were committed while he was in reserve service, his case will be handled by the Military Advocate General, in place of the state prosecution. 

The investigation was conducted by a special team comprised of the Intelligence and Investigation Department of the Israel Police, Lahav 433, and the special investigation unit of the Military Police. 


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