IDF under gun from its own over lowering MAG rank

In an extremely unusual development, the IDF is getting heat from its own over IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot’s decision to lower the standing rank of the IDF’s top lawyer, including a public oped late Wednesday by a former top IDF international lawyer.

The last three Magistrate Advocate General’s, Menachem Finkelstein, Avichai Mandelblit and Danny Efroni, covering a period from 2000-2015, all eventually rose to the rank of Major General, an equal rank to the highest IDF commanders who they must investigate and effectively order to cooperate.

In contrast, newly appointed MAG-designate Sharon Afek has been granted only the rank of Brigadier General, a lower rank than some of the IDF commanders whose cooperation he must try to demand, though other MAGs have held that rank in the past.


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