In Powerful Video, Rabbi Sacks Explains ‘Why I Am A Jew’

Former British Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks has published a uniquely creative animated appeal for Jews to connect with their culture and faith.

The innovative six-minute whiteboard animation, soundtracked with an emotive monologue from Rabbi Sacks, calls upon Jews to appreciate their status as part of an “eternal people”.

In the video, Lord Sacks says: “It isn’t Jews who are different but Judaism. It’s not so much what we are but what we are called on to be.”

The message takes on added significance in the light of the Rabbi’s recent comments on the refugee crisis, which saw him call for Britain to emulate Sir Nicholas Winton’s Kindertransport.

He told BBC2’s Newsnight this week: “Now is the time for humanitarian compassion to triumph over what seem to me quite dark and dangerous remarks.

“I hope that European countries will realize that the very ideals on which the EU were founded are being tested right now.”


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