In Tel Aviv, Holot, reactions mixed on fateful High Court decision on migrants

News of the High Court decision on the anti-infiltration law caused a stir in the Holot detention center Tuesday night, a detainee from Sudan told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday. The high court decision – which ruled that holding migrants for up to 20 months is disproportionate and ordered the release of those held for over a year – was met with a guarded optimism, the detainee said, adding that many said they’ll believe it when they see it.

“Yesterday we heard about the decision on the radio and TV, but people here aren’t sure what will happen or if they’ll be released. They say they’ll wait until they get out to know it’s real,” said Anwar Suliman a 36-year-old Darfur native who has been detained in Holot for the past year and a half.


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