Instagram shuts down Nasrallah’s account

Instagram has shut down the account of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, the semiofficial Iranian Fars news agency reported on Tuesday.

It was the second time the company has closed Nasrallah's account without any warning or explanation, the Iranian news agency claimed, adding the account has over 9,000 followers.

Instagram first forced Nasrallah off its network more than three months ago, the report said. This time, the decision to close it again came after it published a material about Imam Mousa Sadr, a former Iranian cleric who went missing in August 1978 in Libya under suspicious circumstances.

Social media networks have been after Hezbollah and Nasrallah in the past. In 2012, Facebook removed Hezbollah's pages from the social network following a series of articles published by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute.

In August of that year, the social networking site closed pages run by Hezbollah and its Al-Manar TV channel, but the terror group quickly created two more Facebook pages which were ultimately shut down as well.

Social networks in general have been cracking down on terrorist accounts recently. Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it has deleted more than 125,000 accounts linked to terrorists. Since the middle of 2015, the company has suspended the accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, most of them in the cause of Islamic State (ISIS).

In October 2014, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated that he and his staff had been personally threatened over shutdowns. A month earlier, a Jerusalem-based cell of ISIS threatened to kill Twitter employees and target its offices if the social media site does not stop closing down ISIS accounts.


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