Introducing Arutz Sheva’s New Food & Lifestyle Section

They say the motto of every Jewish festival is the same: They came, they tried to kill us, they failed – let's eat!

That may not be entirely accurate, but it certainly is true that we Jews love our food. From kreplach to kubbeh, from chulent to chamin – wherever your roots lie eating is something our tribe takes very seriously indeed.

It's with that in mind that Arutz Sheva is launching our new Food and Lifestyle section. With more than a dozen talented contributors already signed up, and guest posts from some of the best kosher chefs and food personalities around, this exciting new feature section promises something original, fun… and hunger-inducing (so be warned).

Our new Food and Lifestyle section consists of three distinct features:

  • Food Blogs: For the real foodies out there. Get inspiration, find out new tricks and healthy eating tips, and discover different and creative ways to eat yourself into a coma.
  •  Recipes: This one's for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the Jewish kitchen or a newbie, our extensive, varied and steadily-growing menu should give you all the ideas you need to make your mother proud! Check out the Search function for something specific, or browse by food type. If you feel like fattening the rest of us up some more, you can even share your own recipes (please do!).
  • Restaurant Reviews: Apart from eating and talking about eating, there is one other crucial aspect to Jewish culinary culture: comparing kosher restaurants. Find out which establishments have the most enjoyable ambiance, most efficient service and – most importantly by far – the best grub.

With a clean, easy to navigate interface, whether you're Jewish or just plain hungry we're confident you'll enjoy the latest addition to Arutz Sheva – and find something tasty to eat in the process!


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