‘Ipad’ Imal sentenced to 14 months prison for trying to penetrate Palestinian prison

A woman has been sentenced by the Beersheba District Court to 14 months in prison after being caught during a full body cavity search trying to illegally smuggle items inside her bodily orifice wrapped in hygienic pads to Hamas agents in prison.

The indictments against "Ipad Imal" Saada along with an indictment against her brother Muhammad Saad and two other Hamas agents in prison were filed in November 2014 by the Southern District Attorney’s Office – one with the Beersheba District Court and one with the Magistrate’s Court.

The indictments followed a series of smuggling and attempted bribery incidents to help Muhammad as well as the two other Hamas agents Mahmoud Ji’ada and Ismail Awi to continue to operate on behalf of Hamas from within Kitziot prison.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Ipad-Imal-sentenced-to-14-months-prison-for-trying-to-penetrate-Palestinian-prison-429732

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