Iran Deal Will Allow UN Inspectors to Have Access to All Sites

A draft nuclear deal between Iran and six major powers calls for UN inspectors to have access to all suspect Iranian sites, including military, based on consultations between the powers and Tehran, a diplomatic source told the Reuters news agency on Tuesday night.

The source added that if the deal is agreed, a UN Security Council resolution on it would ideally be adopted this month and the steps to be taken by both sides – including Iranian limitations on its nuclear program and relief from sanctions on Iran – implemented in the first half of 2016.

The information from the source was preliminary and subject to change as it was based on a draft of the nuclear deal that was not the final version and that could be amended, noted Reuters.

Nuclear negotiations between Tehran and six world powers missed a midnight deadline on Monday to reach a final deal, and the sides said a deal might not be agreed upon until Tuesday.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN’s nuclear agency, has been holding an investigation, separate from the talks between Iran and the six world powers, into suspicions that Iran carried out research at least until 2003 on developing nuclear weapons.

Iran and the IAEA agreed in November of 2013 on a new attempt to probe the accusations. The United States and its allies also included the investigation into a to-do list for talks with Iran meant to curb its nuclear programs in exchange for sanctions relief.

The IAEA is focused on 12 alleged activities that point to Iranian attempts to make such weapons, including suspicions that Tehran worked on the development on a nuclear payload for missiles.

The agency relaunched its probe two years ago by asking for information on less sensitive work related to nuclear arms allegedly carried out by Iran, with hopes of moving to larger issues later.

However, the IAEA has continuously reported little progress in its attempts to probe the allegations against Iran, and Amano recently said that the agency had limited progress in its inquiry into possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear activities.

Last week, the IAEA and Iran held "intense discussions" in Tehran about the possible military dimensions of the country's nuclear program, as talks on a final deal continued in Vienna.


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