Iranians Arrested for Selling US, UK Flag Merchandise

The United Kingdom (UK) recently reopened its Iranian embassy, and the United States (US) is pushing for a nuclear deal which favors Iran to be passed through a pivotal Congressional vote – but the Islamic Republic arrests their supporters. 

On Tuesday, store owners selling merchandise with the flags of the two Western countries were arrested, Tehran police chief General Hossein Sajedinia stated to the ISNA news agency, for selling "Satanic symbols." 

"This morning we took these clothes off leading distributors," he said, adding that the stores "will be closed."

Earlier Tuesday, the chief of Iran's top clerical body declared that the United States remains Iran's "number one enemy." 

Ultraconservative Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi declared that the nuclear deal would not "change our foreign policy" regarding the US, whose "crimes are unaccountable." 

"The US and Israel are the source of the situation in the region and (their) goal is to protect the Zionist regime in the Middle East," he was quoted as saying.

The nuclear agreement reached on July 14 with six world powers – Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany – has helped revive Iran's political stating with the European countries, and opened the doors to billions of dollars in sanctions relief.


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