Iran’s Rouhani criticizes ‘revolutionary’ opponents over Iran deal views

DUBAI – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani defended his nuclear deal with world powers and his policy of detente with the West, saying on Saturday that his “revolutionary” opponents sought their own interests, not those of the people.

“What’s the use of saying

I am a revolutionary … Why don’t we seek people’s comfort and our country’s glory?” Rouhani said in a speech broadcast live on the state television. “We had a revolution to promote morality, national unity, and brotherhood… You are a revolutionary when people feel safe from your words and actions,” Rouhani said. Criticizing hardline newspapers that have increased their pressure on Rouhani’s allies in recent months, he said: “Some newspapers are bulletins of insult. You open them anxiously to see how they have insulted you again. Is this Islam, is this Islamic society?”



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