Iraqi-born cleric in Norway faces custody for praising Paris attack

n Iraqi-born cleric recently released from prison in Norway was jailed Friday for four weeks after praising the slaying of cartoonists at the satirical Charlie Hebdo paper in Paris that had lampooned Islam and other religions. Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, known as Mullah Krekar, was arrested Thursday in Oslo on preliminary charges of inciting to commit criminal offense,

a day after giving an interview to Norwegian broadcaster NRK. He was also apprehended on preliminary charges for threating a Kurdish immigrant living in Norway in the same TV interview. Preliminary charges are one step short of formal charges. “Whoever offends our religion and our honor, must understand that this is a conflict about life and death,” Ahmad told NRK. “The cartoonist has become a fighting heathen whom it is permissible to kill.”



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