Iraq’s Anbar in ‘total collapse’, on brink of falling to Islamic State

BAGHDAD – Islamic State militants overran one of the last remaining districts held by government forces in the Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday and besieged a key army base on the edge of the western provincial capital, security sources said. The militants seized most of Ramadi on Friday, planting their black flag on the local government headquarters in the centre of the city, but a contingent of Iraqi special forces was holding out in the Malaab neighborhood. Those forces retreated on Sunday to an area east of the city after suffering heavy casualties, security sources said, bringing Ramadi to the brink of falling to Islamic State. Anbar provincial council member Athal Fahdawi described the situation in Ramadi as “total collapse” and said local officials had voted in favour of the deployment of Shi’ite paramilitaries to the Sunni heartland.



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