Is Hezbollah Plotting a Lebanon Revolution – With Garbage?

Lebanese officials are said to fear that Hezbollah will take advantage of protests in Lebanese cities about how the garbage is collected to engineer a coup. The “trash crisis,” as the London-based Al-Araby newspaper calls the protests, is an opportunity for Hezbollah to overthrow the government of Tammam Salam – and the terror group is making plans to do just that, the report said.

Over the past several nights, riot police in Beirut have thrown stones and aimed water cannons at thousands of protesters who are protesting the condition of the city's streets. The country's main landfill was closed in July, and trash collectors have not been picking up most of the country's garbage since then. With an especially hot summer, the streets of Beirut and other cities in Lebanon have begun to smell like garbage dumps, and rats and vermin are appearing in shockingly large numbers.

Salam has suggested that he may resign from his position if the protests don't stop – and according to Al Araby, Hezbollah has been fanning the flames in order to engineer just that.

Sources in Lebanon confirmed the Hezbollah plan. Reports there said that the Amal Shi'ite party, closely associated with Hezbollah, was agitating the protesters in order to create unrest. The reports said that party members had fought police and soldiers in Beirut, and had organized numerous illegal protests and riots.


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