Is the government quietly executing the Prawer plan?

The government continues its efforts to resettle Beduin from unrecognized villages in the Negev into legal ones, but there appears to be no official policy or strategy in place.

Negotiations with individual Beduin families to get them to relocate to legal areas and receive financial aid packages are ongoing, but do house demolitions and the closing of a health clinic signal that the government is implementing a relocation plan under the radar? Balad MK Haneen Zoabi criticized the Health Ministry this week for closing a well-baby (tipat halav) clinic in an unrecognized Beduin village, saying it “constitutes a serious infringement of the fundamental rights of vulnerable populations.”

She said the closing of the clinic might reflect a “plot” by the Health Ministry and “another step in the execution of the Prawer-Begin bill,” referring to the “Bill on the Arrangement of Beduin Settlement in the Negev.”


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