ISIS in Jerusalem Threatens Christians

A flier published by the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization was put up around eastern Jerusalem on Thursday, in what is thought to be the first ISIS announcement in the Israeli capital.

The flier threatens Christians in the area with "revenge," and is signed by the organization "ISIS Palestine," reports Channel 10.

ISIS has been rapidly gaining a foothold in Israel, with dozens of Arab citizens of the state leaving for Syria and Iraq to fight for the jihadist organization after ISIS members took part in Hamas's terror war against Israel last summer.

A cell of the group was nabbed in Hevron in Judea last November showing their presence in the region, while in Gaza the group has clashed with Hamas and repeatedly fired rockets at Israel to spark fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Perhaps as a result of that threat to Hamas presented by ISIS, Palestinian Arab commentator Halad Ameira who is considered to be a follower of Hamas's terrorist ideology told Channel 10 the group should hold talks with Israel.

"A negotiation between Muslims and non-Muslims is something that should be taken into account," said Ameira. "Enemies negotiate when they're killing each other. What is forbidden according to religious law is concessions undercutting the key principles."

Hamas's charter calls for a genocide against all Jews, although unlike the Palestinian Authority (PA) that it signed a unity deal with last year, it tends to pursue its anti-Israel agenda through physical violence rather than "peace talks" meant to force the Jewish state into dangerous concessions.

Ameira claimed that even if Hamas were to sign a ten-year "tahdiya" or temporary lull deal with Israel, it would not be a breach of key principles.

"Jihad is not a goal in and of itself but rather a means to achieve peace," he claimed, asserting that the terrorist violence aiming to destroy Israel was meant for "peace."


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