ISIS ‘poster girl’ reportedly beaten to death

In April 2014 teenagers Samra Kesinovic and her friend Sabina Selimovic travelled from their Vienna homes to join ISIS in Syria, where it is believed they both married Jihadists.

The two young women became "poster girls" for the Islamic State after appearing in images on social media websites showing them carrying AK-47 rifles surrounded by armed men.

But their glamorous online persona appears to have been little more than a show. Now, reports have emerged that Kesinovic has reportedly been beaten to death by the group after trying to escape.

Previously, reports quoting the girls’ friends stated that Ms Kesinovic had started to become appalled by the killings she witnessed and wanted to return to her home in Austria

Local Austrian media claimed that Ms. Kesinovic was murdered as she tried to flee Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold.

David Scharia, a UN counter-terrorism expert, stated “we received information just recently about two 15-year-old girls, of Bosnian origin, who left Austria, where they had been living in recent years …one was killed in the fighting in Syria, the other has disappeared."

The girl who joined ISIS who has "disappeared" is now thought to refer to Ms Kesinovic, as both Ms Kesinovic and Ms Selimovic were daughters of Bosnian refugees who fled to Austria to escape the war in their country during the nineties.

Austrian authorities have accused a Bosnian Islamic preacher known as Abu Tejda (known as Mirsad O according to Austrian privacy laws) of recruiting the two young women in Vienna.

Tejda denies such accusations.


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