Islamic Jihad Hunger Strike Terrorist Rearrested

Mohammed Allan, the Islamic Jihad terrorist who recently attracted great media attention for his hunger strike while on administrative detention, was released from the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon on Wednesday morning – only to be arrested again on an administrative order.

Allan was returned to the Israel Prison Authority after being released from the hospital where he had been receiving treatment for around three months due to his hunger strike. Afterward, he was arrested on an IDF general's order by Ashkelon district police officers.

Allan was released from an earlier administrative detention in 2009. He was rearrested last November, but this June launched a hunger strike that lasted two months. In the end the state folded and agreed to release him, even as the Supreme Court reversed its previous decision and cancelled his administrative arrest.

Allan is suspected of recruiting and directing suicide bombers and aiding fugitive terrorists during the Second Intifada. His administrative arrest with no trial comes either due to a lack of direct evidence or so as to protect sensitive sources of information.

During Allan's hunger strike, Islamic Jihad vowed to break the ceasefire with Israel and launch a new terror war if he were to die from his self-imposed starvation.

The refusal by medical personnel at the hospital against force feeding the terrorist in accordance with newly passed laws raised great criticism among academics and doctors, who noted that the state of affairs led to Allan's release.

Late last month, the family of Allan started a fight in the hospital where he was being treated by apparently assaulting a security guard assigned to the terrorist, which led to the family of another patient in the hospital ward stepping in as a brawl began.


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