Islamic State shrugs off any Saudi ground force in Syria

DUBAI – Islamic State says it will fight any Saudi ground intervention in Syria and that Saudi action might add to complications but would not bolster enemies of the militant group.

“This intervention, if it happened, would not provide much to the enemies

of Islamic State …,” Islamic State said in an editorial on Tuesday carried by the group’s al-Naba weekly newspaper, referring to President Bashar Assad, his Russian and Iranian allies and the US-led coalition. “Thus, Islamic State’s view towards this intervention would be no different from its view of the US intervention in favor of rejectionists (Shi’ites) and the apostate Kurdish parties or the Russian intervention in favor of the Nusairis,” it said, using a derogatory term to describe Assad’s Alawite sect. “It will keep fighting the apostate and polytheists no matter how they change their colors, tongues and homelands.”



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