Israel greets first week of winter

Changing to the winter clock in Israel on Sunday has brought with it the start of wintry weather. 

Despite relatively high temperatures, rain will begin to fall on Sunday afternoon throughout most parts of the country. There is a chance of flooding in southern and eastern Israel.

Temperatures will make a slight drop on Sunday evening, cooling even further overnight, while the rain will gradually weaken. 

Rains, however, will return later in the week bringing with them cool temperatures and the chance of thunderstorms. 

Flooding remains a possibility in southern rivers on Monday and Tuesday, while closer to the weekend precipitation will be concentrated in Israel's coastal region. 

The temperature forecast for Sunday: Golan Heights – 30°C (86°F) , Tzfat – 33° (91°), Haifa – 29° (84°), Jerusalem – 28° (82°), Tel Aviv – 32° (90°), Ashkelon – 31° (88°), Be'er Sheva – 29° (84°), Eilat – 33° (91°). 

The peak of the cold will strike on Tuesday as temperatures fall nearly 10 celsius degrees throughout the entire country. 



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