Israel: Jordan a ‘Major Contributor’ to Temple Mount Tension

Israel on Monday accused Jordan of exacerbating tensions on the Temple Mount, after King Abdullah proclaimed that Jews had no business praying on Judaism's holiest site.

In response, Israel sent a sharply-worded message to Abdullah asking him to back off on his criticism – and pointing out how he was contributing to the tension in the Arab community.

Abdullah met with a group of Israeli Arab MKs Sunday and told them that Jews had no right to pray on the Mount.

According to Channel Two, Israel told Abdullah that the Waqf, which ostensibly answers to the King of Jordan, had allowed armed terrorists to sleep in the Al Aqsa mosque on the Mount.

The group remains in the mosque to participate in riots on the Mount, and to occasionally attack Jews praying at the Kotel (Western Wall).

If this continues, Israel warned, it would damage the relationship between the two countries.

Meeting with E.U. official Donald Tusk Sunday, Abdullah said that “the international community and the EU in particular should adopt a firm position to halt these serious aggressions and violations."

The Waqf, which Jordan is in charge of, is the one that has allowed terrorists with bats, rocks, and guns to take refuge on the Temple Mount,” Israeli officials are said to have told Abdullah.

“It is the Waqf that is damaging the status quo and we demand that it stop.”


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