Israel shows off top-of-the-line equipment at French expo

The IDF is showcasing a number of its latest developments at a security exhibition in France this week.

Mako reports that Israel's pavilion at the Eurosatory annual international military exhibition offers both upgrades to well-known technology and innovations that have rarely been seen outside of Hollywood.

Israel sent 40 companies to take part in the highly-regarded event, and they are presenting The a robot that crawls through tunnels to neutralize terrorists' weapons, a radio transmitter that causes drones to crash and an armored helmet with a smart screen, and more.
Militaries from around the world, and France in particular, have already expressed their admiration for Israel's exhibit. Potential buyers are even more eager now, as the growing global war on terror has forced many governments to look for new ways to reliably stop terrorists without causing undue collateral damage, as well as better methods of protecting their own forces and civilians.

"Europe is an important and central target, as it has been forced to deal with challenges involving terror, defending its borders and illegal immigration over the past few years," says Brigadier General (res.) Mishel Ben-Baruch, the head of Sibat (the Ministry of Defense's export branch). "Israeli industries have a lot to offer in these fields and we expect there to be a large amount of growth for Israel technology. Israel is a unique lab for developing security and defense solutions, most of which have been successfully tested in the field."


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