Israel won’t say ‘Islam’ in urging UN to fight ‘extremism’

Israeli Legal Adviser at the UN Amit Heumann took the podium Monday to demand the UN clarify the ideology driving global terrorism – but as video posted by Israel's UN mission shows, he did not clarify even once that the ideology of "extremism" has anything to do with Islam.

In his comments at the UN General Assembly on a new plan of action to prevent violent extremism, Heumann noted that terror has become a global plague, saying "we have failed" to stop "extremism."

Noting the rise of radicalization, he emphasized that poverty and marginalization are co-factors, but in many cases socio-economic factors are not involved at all.

Therefore, said Heumann, "if we are not clear about what drives it (terror), we will not be able to overcome it."

"And here we must be clear: the real and most basic threat we face is the extremist ideology itself," he continued.

"If we truly want to defeat violent extremism and terrorism we must attack radical extremist ideology at its source."

And yet in the roughly five minutes that Heumann spoke, he did not even once mention the terms "Islam," "Islamist," Muslim," or "jihad," despite the fact that nearly all brutal terrorist organizations worldwide are fueled by an Islamist ideology, as opposed to some nondescript "extremism."

Heumann concluded with a veiled hint against the hypocritical condemnation of Israel as it fights to protect itself from Arab Muslim terrorists – without saying the words "Arab" or "Muslim" – by noting that "it is imperative that we do not use the fight against terrorism as a camouflage to single out one country and score cheap political points."

In addressing the new plan of action, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon earlier on Monday said that the threat of violent extremism is not limited to any one religion, nationality or ethnic group, but stated that the vast majority of terror victims around the world are Muslims.

He neglected to mention that the overwhelming majority of terrorists around the world are also Muslims.

The two terror groups Islamic State (ISIS) – he used its Arabic acronym Daesh – and Boko Haram that in his speech Ban accused of committing crimes against humanity are both Islamist jihadist groups.


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